With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, this feature-length 4k cinema-vérité documentary follows Silicon Valley start-up Memphis Meats, its CEO Uma Valeti and close-knit team, as they race to innovate and market clean meat technology to the world. Meat the Future also follows Valeti’s colleague and confidant Bruce Friedrich, the Executive Director of The Good Food Institute as he and his colleagues seek to transform the food system. Intimate fly-on-the-wall cinematography witnesses critical milestones as they work overtime, risking everything. Powerful dramatic drone cinematography hovers and sweeps over massive animal feedlots, factory barns, slaughterhouses, toxic runoff to water systems, and the clear-cutting of the Amazon rain forest, to illustrate a haunting scale of destruction. This birds-eye view transports the viewer to new environments, to engage with different points-of-view. Proponents and critics grapple with the complexities and horrors of conventional animal agriculture, and with the immense challenges and advantages of clean meat.